2012 Bellarmine Sauvignon Blanc

Pemberton, Western Australia, Australia

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Food-friendly wine that goes well with poultry, vegetable dishes, and many seafood dishes, including, yes we had to say it, grilled shrimp on the barbie.

Sauvignon Blanc

About this wine

Cheers, mate! We’ve got an ace of an Aussie wine for you in this boutique offering from down under.  The 2012 Bellarmine Sauvignon Blanc has earned a whopping 93 points from famed wine reviewer and critic James Halliday. Bellarmine is a boutique winery tucked away in the southwest corner of Australia in Pemberton, and it has been designated a 5-star winery by the famed and well-respected critic. It’s very rare, indeed, to get your hands on a delicious 93-point wine that’s also affordable, but if you are lucky enough to find one for under ten bucks, grab as many as you can!

The 2012 Bellarmine Sauvignon Blanc is bright and fresh with aromas of gooseberry and citrus, with grassy with passionfruit notes that make your palate start salivating. Initially, this wine presents a complex palate of flavors ranging from citrus to more tropical fruit supported by minerality and a slightly creamy, clean finish.

This Sauvignon Blanc is bright, fresh and aromatic. A classic flavor of Sauvignon Blanc, more reminiscent of European styles than the new world, this wine will impress you with its slightly tropical flavors and mineral backbone. Almost oily and plush in your mouth, this wine has a clean, long finish. This Bellarmine is a dry, elegant, aromatic white wine.

Few Things to Know:

What captivates people about Sauvignon Blanc is its crispness, its citrusy zing, and its refreshing vivacity—all those qualities that make it one of the best wines for hot summer days. Warm places, like the southwestern coast of Australia, are known for softer, fruitier Sauvignon Blancs, with citrus-melon flavors and few herbal or grassy notes—and a softer vein of acidity, all of which you’ll find in this highly enjoyable import.

Sauvignon Blanc is a food-friendly wine that goes well with poultry, vegetable dishes, and many seafood dishes, including, yes we had to say it, grilled shrimp on the barbie.

Sommelier notes

The Bellarmine Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful expression of the brisk, high acid New Zealand style mixed with the warmer climate Australian style, and it comes together in a delicious and well balanced way.  Expect gooseberry, citrus and fresh cut grass with some passionfruit and kiwi notes that develop in the glass.  The palate is complex and flavorful with more lemon/lime citrus and tropical fruit, supported by a stony minerality and a crisp and clean finish.  Enjoy now through 2018. - DZ July 2016