2013 Esterlina Estate Riesling

Cole Ranch, California

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About this wine

America’s smallest AVA brings us another sensational knockout! It’s truly a California Riesling rediscovered as it exemplifies why so many of us believe this varietal is one of the world’s finest white wine grapes.

If you’re not already a loyal Riesling fan, this vintage will turn you into one. No overly sweet top notes are found in this bottle. Just particularly luscious hints of citrus and bright acidity to make you smile. It’s quite different from the vineyard’s neighboring regions making its premium grapes highly sought after for decades.

Reasons why we love it
The tiny AVA produces tiny amounts of wine. But not just any wine, really, really great wine! We’re talking only 150 to 250 total tons of grapes per year where quality is the only thing that matters. These miraculous premium vintages come out of one of the hardest vineyards to tend to: "It's definitely, far and away, the hardest vineyard we have to farm. Most people in this industry thought this ranch was too much of a pain to deal with." - Eric Sterling, Esterlina's winemaker.

We are thrilled the Sterling’s decided to take on the cold nights, late harvests and frugal yields for over one and a half decades. They cherished the history of the beloved Rieslings that made their way onto Cole Ranch in the 1970s, planted by John Cole himself. The Sterling’s kept about 30 acres of the original vines in production including almost all of the Riesling. The result is a current vintage that is silky and rare with the vitality of German or Alsatian Rieslings.

“The wines are remarkably delicate, yet earthy, with bright fruit flavors. Almost every year, Cole Ranch Rieslings have an electric edge.” - SF Gate. We agree as we we dote on this lively and pleasing summer sipper. There’s so much love in this bottle, and yet there won’t be much to go around. Not only is it limited production, but Esterlina was very recently sold leaving us unsure if another favorite charmer will be available from Cole Ranch anytime soon.

Sommelier notes

Pair with mild cheese, spicy food, such as Thai or Mexican dishes featuring chicken, or pork, shrimp or scallops or even grilled or smoked sausages.