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How a wine becomes a Glassful wine

All in good vine

We search out independent producers who treat their grapes the way they would want to be treated - with a respect for tradition and good old-fashioned TLC.

Dressed to impress

Judge a wine by its label. Go ahead. We do! Tasteful design is an important part of the experience of tasty wine.

Grape relationships

Stores that buy and resell cheap surplus wine leave us feeling sour. We focus on personal relationships with our distributors to consistently deliver unique wines.

Delicious Deliberation

It's tough work choosing only 16 wines from the 60 we taste each month, but we leave the hardest decision to you - which delicious wine to try first?

A Few Favorites

In addition to monthly delivery, you can shop for great curated wine online.

Nebbiolo, 2012 — Italy

Nebbiolo-oh-oh! With bright notes of tart dried cherries, leather, and earth, this wine totally hits the spot.

Gran Cerdo
Tempranillo, 2012 — Spain

This wine's label is a wink at the investment bankers who declined to invest in it and it's just as playful in the glass with savory berry notes and a rich finish.

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